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East Hills Family Dentistry

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At East Hills Family Dentistry, we take pride in providing comprehensive, personalized, quality care to our patients in a friendly and open atmosphere. We have taken great care and paid particular attention on every detail of planning and building this office to suit our patients' comfort and needs. We hope you enjoy our office as much as we do!

Digital Radiograph (X-ray)

Do you know that a digital x-ray system can reduce a patient's radiation exposure by up to 90% versus traditional films? East Hills Family Dentistry uses digital dental radiograph system to provide better dental care with a more accurate diagnosis. ... Read more

Digital Patient Record

All our patients' records, radiographies, and dental medical history files are stored in our digital office management system. With the electronic forms and claim submissions, we greatly reduce the use of paper. This is another way we help to make the earth greener!

Intra-Oral Camera

The pen-sized camera features a disposable cover to prevent contamination and is completely painless for you! It reaches hard to see areas for patients and transfers the image to the computer screen. The crystal clear image improves diagnoses and ... Read more

Chair-side Technology

Every single operatory at East Hills Family Dentistry is equipped with a chair-side HDTV monitor. Via the HDTV monitor, our dental team can provide more thorough information for patient education with digital radiographs, intra-oral camera images, ... Read more

In-Chair Entertainment

To further provide a pleasant visit while at East Hills Family Dentistry, each operatories HDTV entertainment system will be wired with high-speed internet, allowing our patients to select their favorite movie or TV show via the web while enjoying ... Read more